TIMCC dedicated Training Events


Careers in Industry series (2013-2016)
The ‘Careers in Industry’ series were organised by P8-Synovo. These sessions were set up to raise awareness of alternative, rewarding careers for researchers, particularly in the private sector. 4 session took place during the project period:
Session 1 (2013): From preparation to interview to success in work
Session 2 (2014): Difference between company and academic research

– Session 3 of ‘Careers in Industry’ series was combined with the training workshop on Development of Immunotherapeutic Antibodies, IPR and Industry Aspects, organized by the P7-Alligator on 18 September 2015 in Lund (SE).

– Session 4 (2016): ‘How do I identify what I am good at and use that knowledge in interviews for private sector jobs’ was addressed. The students were provided with a real job advertisement.  They were asked to read and comprehend it and then discuss what the advertisement was asking for and how it may be reflected in a job interview for the position. Subsequently the application and interview process was discussed from the point of view of the employer and how the applicant may adapt to this.  The students were attentive and generally engaged in discussion.


Training workshop – Development of Immunotherapeutic Antibodies, IPR and Industry Aspects, 18 September 2015
Organised by the TIMCC SME P7-Alligator with topics as Starting your own company, Intellectual property rights, Generation of therapeutic antibodies, Preclinical development of therapeutic antibodies, Clinical development of immunotherapeutic antibodies


Training workshop  – In vitro and in vivo models of angiogenesis’, 22 May 2014
Hands-on training organised by P4-UU.


Training Workshop – Bioinformatics, 24 October 2014
This training workshop (for TIMCC researchers only) is also organised by P2-UBO. The researchers were trained on Genomics analysis by using Open Source tools.


TIMCC Masterclass Inflammation and Cancer, 4 and 5 February 2014

Toby LawrenceWith a seminar by Toby Lawrence (Visiting Scientist) on ‘Macrophage polarisation in inflammation and cancer’

Organised by Karin de Visser (P5-NKI) and Joachim Schultze (P2-UBO)
Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 February 2014
Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
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Training Workshop – Analysis Human Tumour Biopsies, 9 October 2013
This ‘hands on’ training workshop was organised by P3-QMUL for the TIMCC researchers. They were trained on the isolation of immune cells from tumour biopsies and analysis of these cells by FACS.