Synovo GmbH


Scientist in charge: Michael Burnet

Michael BurnetOur goal at Synovo is to discover and develop therapeutics and diagnostics that find use in practice. Together with colleagues in various companies and institutes, We are involved in pharmaceutical, diagnostic and agrochemical research. To date, we have developed or licensed 2 Pharmaceuticals, 2 Formulations and one diagnostic. In our service business we have contributed data to 6 pharmaceuticals and 2 veterinary products currently in development.
Within pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, the common element is the role of inflammation. We screen for compounds and antibodies that modify inflammatory responses, or the response to inflammatory signals, and use our understanding of disease processes to find uses for these compounds. Compounds that promote or change inflammation are routed toward cancer, wound healing and vaccination research. Compounds that inhibit or positively control inflammation are routed toward chronic inflammatory diseases.   Central to our work is the role of commensal and potentially pathogenic flora to inflammatory mechanisms (e.g. airway, GI, GU, dermal and hepatic systems). In this regard, we have a particular interest in the role of flora in the overall immune response and the utility, or not, of anti-bacterial approaches to inflammation management.
Our laboratories are equipped for chemical synthesis, formulation, biological screening, immunology, chemical and biochemical analysis, clinical analysis, disease models and general pharmacology and microbiology. Our working style is collaborative, helpful, multi-disciplinary, systems aware, integrative, and pragmatic.





Appointed Researcher

Linda Sandin
Experienced Researcher: Linda Sandin (Sweden)
Appointed from 1 January 2014 till 1 January 2016