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Introductory movie to the TIMCC project
Meet the TIMCC Scientists in Charge, ESRs and ERs.
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Get to know the ESRs and ERs and their research projects

– University of Uppsala (SE): Maria Georganaki and Luuk van Hooren
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– Netherlands Cancer Institute (NL): Camilla Salvagno and Bianca Cioni
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– Technical University Dresden (DE): Anastasia Polikarpova and Lina Muhandes
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logo Centre of the Cell

      Centre of the Cell, London (UK)


Agata Krygowska_STEM ambassador


ESRs of P3-QMUL are involved in the activities of the Centre of the Cell as STEM Ambassador. A STEM Ambassador shares the love of Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine with young children and/or adults, inspiring them to a career in science.






The Centre of the Cell is a unique cell-shaped science centre suspended above a real biomedical laboratory in the heart of London’s East End.
The aims of the Centre of the Cell are:
– To inspire the next generation of scientists and healthcare professionals
– Stimulate dialogue, interest and excitement about biomedical research
– Raise aspirations, especially in the local community
– Widen participation in further and higher education and to help improve health and wellbeing

Director of the Centre is professor Frances Balkwill.There have been more than 84,000 participants in Centre of the Cell activities since opening in September 2009. Centre of the Cell received the 2010 Museums and Heritage Award for the best educational initiative on the UK and the 2012 EngageU award for best European University Public Engagement work.