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Scientist in charge: Joachim L. Schultze

Joachim Schultze
I am a Full Professor for Genomics and Immunoregulation at the Life and Medical Science (LIMES) Institute of the University of Bonn. My major interest is to utilize genomic and bioinformatic approaches to better understand immune cells in the context of their local microenvironments. The major cells of interest are myeloid cells, particularly macrophages in the context of cancer, obesity, atherosclerosis and neurodegenerative diseases. We have recently established the largest human macrophage transcriptome dataset and could demonstrate that human macrophage activation follows a spectrum model rather than a polarization model (as it has been postulated for the last two decades). These findings open completely new avenues towards the understanding of macrophage activation in context of homeostasis and disease. Furthermore, based on our recent findings and together with colleagues in the field we have suggested a novel nomenclature of macrophage activation. I am part of several comprehensive research centers here in Bonn, including the only excellence cluster in Germany that is dedicated to immunology. I am co-author of more than 170 scientific publications in journals such as Nature, Nature Medicine, Nature Immunology, Immunity, J. Clin. Invest., J. Exp. Med., Nature Communication, PNAS, Blood etc.



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Appointed Researchers

Sander Tuit
Early Stage Researcher: Sander Tuit (The Netherlands)
Appointed from 1 April 2013 till 1 April 2016




Olympia Papantonopoulou
Early Stage Researcher: Olympia Papantonopoulou (Greece)
Appointed from 1 September 2013 till 1 September 2016