Leiden University Medical Center
Dept. of Human Genetics

Scientist in charge: 
Sjef Verbeek

Sjef VerbeekI am an associate professor and group leader in the department of Human Genetics of the LeidenUniversityMedicalCenter with an interest in antibody effector pathways more particularly the role of Fc receptors therein. My group has gained a unique position by generating a unique panel of all possible combinations of germline and conditional IgG Fc receptor (FcgR) KO mice in full C57Bl6 background. In collaboration with outstanding laboratories in the field in Japan, the US and Europe, my group studies the role of FcgR in the effector pathways of IgG in disease models of arthritis, nephritis, vasculitis, EAE, hemolytic anemia, SLE, prion disease, parasitic-, bacterial and viral infections and cancer. In these mouse models the specific contribution of the different FcgR and complement in downstream effector pathways of the immune response could be defined. Moreover, the modulating role of FcgR in the immune response, by effectively facilitating antigen presentation by professional antigen presenting cells, is being explored for improvement of anti-tumor immunotherapy. From June 2005 until June 2009 I coordinated the EU Marie Curie Training Network IMDEMI on Innovative Mouse Models for functional Genomics in Immunology in which 8 leading researchers in the field of mouse Immunology participated. From November 2012 until November 2016 I coordinate an EU funded Initial Training Network TIMCC with six academic and two private sector partners, focusing on the Tumor Infiltrating Myeloid Cell compartment. I am co-author of 150 scientific publications in high ranking journals including Cell, Nature, Nat. Med., Immunity, J Exp. Med., J. Clin. Invest, Blood, J. Immunol. etc.




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Appointed Researchers

Hreinn Benonisson
Early Stage Researcher: Hreinn Benonisson (Iceland)
Appointed from 1 October 2013 till 1 October 2016




Heng Sheng Sow
Early Stage Researcher:  Heng Sheng Sow (Malesia)
Appointed from 15 October 2013 till 15 October 2016