TIMCC Network

TIMCC research


The TIMCC program contains 14 research projects that focus on different aspects of the tumour infiltrating myeloid cell compartment in different tumours both in human and mouse under different conditions.
Each project is assigned to a particular research group and supervisor that offer the most relevant expertise with reference to additional expertise to be obtained through secondments at one or two of the other groups in the project (see diagram of the network).
The program is divided in the following 3 clusters related to specific (sub-)disciplines which require specific training surrounding a technical bioinformatics platform (genomics/proteomics) and a network resource of tumours, mouse models and therapeutics. Complementary questions but with sufficient areas of overlapping research goals strengthens the coherence of the network. In each cluster several full partners participate simultaneously.
Each cluster has its own work package:
1. Human tumours: Biopsies (WP1)
2. Mouse models: Experimental tumours (WP2)
3. Therapy: Antibodies / small molecules / chemotherapy (WP3)

Two academic partners form a technical platform for the genomic, proteomic and bioinformatic analysis of both human tumour biopsies and experimental mouse tumour models available to all partners. All partners contribute to a large resource of human tumour biopsies, experimental mouse tumour models and therapeutics. The private sector biotech partners develop excellent tools promising for their application as therapeutics by interfering with the immune system which can directly be tested in the disease models established within the network. The research program is based on 25 collaborations between the 8 full and the one associated partner.